Marine Wildlife & Private Ocean Tours

For those who prefer not to fish, we’re pleased to offer private, small-group charters — perfect for wildlife viewing or touring the Discovery Islands.

You’ll have the whole boat to yourselves, with all the benefits of a fully covered and enclosed cabin. See the ocean the way you want to.

Marine Wildlife

Witness the incredible diversity of marine wildlife that thrives in our area: killer whales, humpback whales, sea lions, dolphins, bald eagles, seals, bears, porpoises, and more.

Coastal Black Bear on a Log

Coastal Geography

Campbell River is your jumping off point to experience the ruggedly beautiful geography of the Pacific Northwest. Rainforest, coastal mountains, sweeping seascapes. Put yourself in the middle of it.

Whale Watching

Resident and transient orca frequent our waters, as do humpback whales. There’s nothing quite like observing these unique marine mammals in their natural environment. And if you come across a pod of pacific white-sided dolphins, you’re in for a treat.

Two killer whales surfacing

Your Schedule

Go where you want to go, when you want to go. Our four or eight hour private ocean tours give you the flexibility you need.

Bald Eagles with Fish

Custom Charters

Contact us if you have a specific need or special purpose charter in mind. We’re happy to accommodate if we can.

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