Campbell River Salmon Fishing

This is what it’s all about.  World-class Pacific salmon fishing. Powerful Chinook salmon that peel line off your reel and bend the rod deep. Big northern Cohos, Chum salmon, and more.

Fishing Campbell River

Campbell River is known as the Salmon Capital of the World. Millions of salmon migrate through our waters, the largest and most powerful being the Chinook salmon (also called Spring salmon or King salmon).

Man Fighting Fish on Northwest Aluminumcraft Boat

Spring & Summer Fishing

In spring, Chinook salmon can be found close to Campbell River and in the inlets toward the mainland. Migrating Chinook arrive in June. In July we see Pink, large northern Coho (Silver) and Sockeye salmon. This is prime time.

Men with Fishing Rod and Spring Salmon

Fall Fishing

Chinook salmon continue their migration into September, and you can find some big ones. Coho fishing continues, and we also get Chum salmon (great fighters and perfect for the smoker) in our waters from mid September through October.

Man Holding Chinook Salmon in Mist

Winter Fishing

Fishing from a heated cabin is the way to go when the weather gets cooler. From December through March we focus on the resident Chinook salmon population – a great way to spend a Vancouver Island winter day.

Man with Lingcod

Bottom Fishing

Lingcod, Rockfish and other bottom fish are also available. These species are often a bycatch while you’re salmon fishing on a Campbell River charter.

Dungeness Crabs and Spot Prawns

More than Salmon

In season, combine salmon fishing with fishing for BC Spot Prawns or Dungeness Crab. These opportunities are typically available in winter and spring. Ask for details.

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