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July 2023 Chinook Salmon Retention

July 2023 Chinook Salmon Retention We’ve just received word from the DFO about Chinook salmon retention in Area 13.  To date, we’ve been allowed to keep one Chinook per day in a portion of Area 15-5 around Toba Inlet, which is about an hour and twenty minutes drive by boat…

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Coho Salmon Retention Spring & Fall 2022

Coho Salmon Retention September 2022 DFO has modified the retention regulations for Coho in areas 13, 14, and subareas 15-2 to 15-6 for the month of September 2022.  During September, anglers in the above areas can keep two (2) coho per day, of which one may be unmarked (wild).  Previously,…

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Chinook Salmon Retention Spring 2022

Chinook Salmon Retention Spring 2022 As of April 1, 2022, DFO has made some changes to Chinook salmon retention.  There’s good news and bad news.  The bad news isn’t horrible. The good news is that we’re allowed to keep one Chinook salmon per day in the Bute and Toba Inlets…

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Update — 2021 Salmon Fishing Regulations

The Latest Salmon Retention Regulations On July 6, 2021, DFO released Fishery Notice FN0650 which takes effect July 15, 2021 and deals with fishing areas on the east coast of northern Vancouver Island. For Areas 13 to 17 (which covers any areas we’d be fishing based out of Campbell River),…

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Chinook Salmon Fishing Regulations 2021

Chinook Salmon Regulations 2021 Starting May 14, 2021, we’re allowed to keep Chinook salmon in certain portions of Area 13 and Area 15.  Specifically, those sub-areas are 13-21 (roughly the first half of Bute Inlet), portions of sub-area 13-19 (Ramsay Arm), and portions of sub-areas 15-5 and 15-6 (Toba Inlet).…

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Whacking Day

Chinook Salmon Retention Starts July 15, 2020 Whacking Day is upon us.  July 15, 2020 will be the first day this summer that anglers are allowed to keep Chinook salmon in the bulk of Areas 13, 14 and 15. From July 15 until August 31, 2020, the limit is one…

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2020 Chinook Salmon Update

Fishery Notice 0565 As of June 19, 2020, DFO has implemented revised fishery measures to address at-risk Fraser River Chinook salmon populations.  Fishery Notice 0565 indicates that in areas 13 through 17 the following measures will apply: Now through July 14 — Chinook non-retention July 15 to August 31 —…

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